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Comienza este examen de inglés intermedio y mide tus conocimientos. Selección múltiple: 1. I _____ to the cinema last night. (A) go (B) went.

Examen de inglés intermedio

Este examen se compone de gramática y comprensión de lectura donde se evalúan diferentes aspectos de inglés en un nivel intermedio.

Además, luego de la pruba, puedes encontrar la lista de lass respuestas correctas de las secciones de gramática, con el fin de que corrijas tus posibles errores.

Igualmente, si quieres puedes primero tomar este examen de inglés nivel básico con respuestas para familiarizarte con la metodología.

Sección 1. Gramática

Cada pregunta tiene una opción correcta entre las opciones (A), (B), (C) y (D).

Al final encontrarás las respuestas correctas. ¡Buena suerte!

  1. I ___________ to the cinema last night. (A) go (B) goes (C) went (D) have gone
  2. She ___________ studying for three hours. (A) has been (B) have been (C) was (D) is
  3. ___________ you ever ___________ to New York? (A) Did / been (B) Have / been (C) Did / went (D) Have / went
  4. I can’t find my keys. I ___________ them at home. (A) have left (B) has left (C) left (D) leave
  5. Sarah ___________ in London for five years before she moved to Paris. (A) has lived (B) have lived (C) lived (D) is living
  6. They ___________ to the party if they had known about it. (A) would come (B) would have come (C) will come (D) had come
  7. She said she ___________ the book the day before. (A) read (B) reads (C) has read (D) had read
  8. _________ your sister ___________ the guitar? (A) Does / play (B) Did / played (C) Has / played (D) Do / plays
  9. I don’t know ___________ she is coming or not. (A) if (B) that (C) whether (D) which
  10. We have been friends ___________ we were children. (A) since (B) for (C) until (D) while
  11. I ___________ to the gym three times a week. (A) go (B) goes (C) have gone (D) went
  12. She wishes she ___________ more time to travel. (A) has (B) have (C) had (D) have had
  13. My brother is studying ___________ become a doctor. (A) to (B) for (C) at (D) so
  14. He plays the guitar ___________ than anyone I know. (A) good (B) better (C) best (D) well
  15. If I ___________ you, I would take the job offer. (A) am (B) was (C) were (D) is
  16. They had a great time ___________ the beach last weekend. (A) on (B) in (C) at (D) to
  17. ___________ you ever ___________ to Australia? (A) Did / been (B) Have / been (C) Did / went (D) Have / went
  18. The teacher asked me ___________ the question. (A) answer (B) to answer (C) answering (D) answered
  19. I will call you as soon as I ___________ home. (A) get (B) got (C) will get (D) getting
  20. This is the ___________ movie I’ve ever seen. (A) good (B) better (C) best (D) well

Sección 2. Examen de inglés intermedio – Reading

The Industrial Revolution was a period of significant change that occurred in Europe and North America during the 18th and 19th centuries. It marked a shift from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing.

This revolution brought about major advancements in technology, transportation, and production processes. Steam power, the invention of the steam engine, played a crucial role in powering factories and machinery, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

As a result, there was a rapid expansion of factories, urbanization, and a shift in the workforce from rural areas to cities.

1. What was the Industrial Revolution?

a) A period of significant change in Europe and North America.

b) A revolution in agriculture and handicrafts.

c) A shift from industry to agriculture.

d) A technological advancement in transportation.

2. When did the Industrial Revolution take place?

a) 17th century

b) 18th and 19th centuries

c) 20th century

d) 16th century

También te interesan estas lecciones de inglés gratuitas:


3. What were some of the key changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution?

a) Increased urbanization and factory growth.

b) Expansion of agriculture and farming.

c) Decrease in technological advancements.

d) Shift from cities to rural areas.

4. What role did steam power play during this period?

a) It powered factories and machinery.

b) It was not relevant to the Industrial Revolution.

c) It led to a decline in productivity.

d) It caused a shift in the workforce.

5. What were some of the social and economic consequences of the Industrial Revolution?

a) Rapid urbanization and changes in the workforce.

b) Decline in technology and production processes.

c) Decrease in factory growth and efficiency.

d) Expansion of agriculture and rural areas.

Sección 3. Respuesta múltiple

Seguimos con la última fase de preguntas dentro del examen de inglés intermedio que sirve para conocer los temas en los que tienes que mejorar:

  1. Choose the correct form of the verb: She _________ to Paris last summer. a) went b) goes c) has gone d) is going
  2. Identify the correct sentence: a) I have been lived in London for three years. b) I have lived in London for three years. c) I am living in London for three years. d) I was lived in London for three years.
  3. Select the appropriate word to complete the sentence: I saw _________ at the grocery store yesterday. a) he b) him c) his d) himself
  4. Choose the correct question form: _________ you like to join us for dinner? a) Would b) Will c) Do d) Are
  5. Identify the correct form of the adjective: This is the ___________ book I have ever read. a) good b) better c) best d) well
  6. Select the correct preposition: She is interested _________ learning French. a) on b) at c) in d) with
  7. Choose the correct word order: She _________ a letter wrote to her friend. a) wrote a letter to her friend. b) her friend wrote a letter to. c) wrote to her friend a letter. d) her friend wrote to a letter.
  8. Identify the correct form of the verb: They _________ to the beach every summer. a) goes b) go c) is going d) are going
  9. Select the appropriate word to complete the sentence: He is _________ than his brother. a) taller b) tallest c) more tall d) most tall
  10. Choose the correct conditional form: If it __________ tomorrow, we will go for a picnic. a) will rain b) rains c) rained d) is raining

Respuestas del examen de inglés intermedio :

Sección 1:

  1. (C) went
  2. (A) has been
  3. (B) Have / been
  4. (A) have left
  5. (C) lived
  6. (B) would have come
  7. (D) had read
  8. (A) Does / play
  9. (C) whether
  10. (A) since
  11. (A) go
  12. (C) had
  13. (A) to
  14. (B) better
  15. (C) were
  16. (A) on
  17. (B) Have / been
  18. (B) to answer
  19. (A) get
  20. (C) best

Sección 3. Respuesta múltiple

  1. a) went
  2. b) I have lived in London for three years.
  3. b) him
  4. a) Would
  5. c) best
  6. c) in
  7. a) wrote a letter to her friend.
  8. b) go
  9. a) taller
  10. b) rains

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